Wimbledon 2016 changing room to be transformed into pop-up boutique with hundreds of designer dresses ahead of Champions Ball

A team of five women will be on hand to get everyone looking glamorous for the party

If the stars of Wimbledon need an outfit for the Champions Ball, they know where to go – the ladies’ changing room in Centre Court.

On the last day of the tournament, it will be transformed into a pop-up boutique so stars and players’ families can choose from hundreds of designer dresses, shoes and accessories.

A team of five women will be on hand to get everyone looking glamorous for the party.

Elisabeth Piner has been the Wimbledon dresser for 24 years. Her clients have included the Williams sisters, Kim and Judy Murray and Roger Federer’s wife, Mirka.

She said: “Players and their families attending the ball that evening will come in the morning and try on dresses. A lot of them come to Wimbledon without evening wear as they don’t want to tempt fate.

“But when they’ve done well, or their family member has done great, they come in to pick out an outfit. I’ve been there so long now they all know about the boutique and know that whatever happens they will always have something amazing to wear for the ball.”

She added: “I also have a team of hair and make-up artists so it’s a one-stop shop. They come in in tennis clothes and leave looking glamorous.”

Ms Piner, who runs Having a Ball Dress Hire in Kingston, said: “Venus [Williams] came in last year and reminded me how I dressed her when she won Wimbledon a few years ago. Serena comes in too, but she always chooses a dress from elsewhere as she’s really into her fashion.”

Kim and Judy Murray came in after Andy’s 2013 Wimbledon win, with Judy describing it as an “Aladdin’s cave”.

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