Having A Ball Dress Hire

from Elisabeth Piner

Elisabeth Piner has dressed Wimbledon tennis stars for the glittering  Championship Dinner with stunning designs for many years. So why not enjoy a bespoke, personal service and let her provide the perfect dress for your special event.

Elisabeth says : ‘Many of my clients tell me they have been everywhere and simply can not find what they want. They then  come to me and I often produce  the  answer within minutes. They end up looking absolutely fabulous  and are thrilled with the result. That is what makes my job so worthwhile!’

Whatever the occasion. Whether it is a prom, a cocktail party, a wedding or a formal dinner we have an elegant and distinctive selection of designer dresses and ballgowns for hire.

At  ‘Having A Ball’ you are assured of a personal  and discreet consultation  during which Elisabeth will recommend  perfect attire  for both your figure and the occasion.

Elisabeth also provides advice on hair styles and make-up to complete that look of sheer perfection. Equally vital is the fact that if a dress needs altering Elisabeth will arrange and organise the process right through to that so-important final fitting.

She even provides guidance on  accessories like  shoes,jewellery,bags and wraps. The comprehensive fashion service leaves you with just one thing left to do.

That is to enjoy Having A Ball.