Charlotte ~ Quintessentially

Dear Elisabeth Piner,
I cannot thank you enough for the sparkly floor-length open back dress with the fox fur wrap, it has made my weekend so incredible and absolutely unforgettable – I received more compliments in this weekend alone than at any other point in my entire life! The dress gave me the courage to make a speech in front of almost 100 people, and whether I was dancing in Annabel’s or Ronnie Scott’s everyone’s attention seemed to be on me! When I bumped into Matt Lucas in Soho he was also very complimentary of the outfit and kept coming back to me to say how great the outfit was.
When crossing the streets in London looking for a taxi people came up to ask me if I was a movie star, and when stood near Leicester square people had asked me if I’d been to a film premiere! I felt like a million dollars, and I’ll never forget it!